I think

Writing is the reflection of a way of being, because we are, always and in any case, what we write.

With wordS, understood as a link between a concept and its effective linguistic rendering, I try to express thoughts, emotions, sensations and feelings that are part of my experience and the world around me. And it is precisely by exploring the semantic components and the polychrome nuances of the word that I pursue its ultimate meaning, that is, the one that best suits a specific expressive context.

The key to my compositions lies in the continuous observation and analysis of reality and the most varied manifestations of the human soul, with an ever-attentive look at current issues and their emotional and social implications.

La continua ricerca di significati profondi e di sostanza poetica è un punto cardine della mia lirica compositiva, e per ottenere ciò mi servo spesso del gioco linguistico, basato sull’impiego frequente di doppi sensi, corrispondenze tra significanti e significati e altri espedienti linguistici, cosicché le parole fanno sovente spola tra il serio e il faceto, l’implicito e l’ambiguo, l’ironico e il sarcastico.

I write about life and love, about passions and injustices, but my deep scrutiny into the abysses of the human soul and the world is always supported by an explicit yearning for recovery, revenge and hope because basically, where there is hope, there is life.